Thursday, May 24, 2018

Democratic Agenda and 2018 Election Platform For All

The American electorate, under objective examination, reflects how The US is essentially a liberal country. It would benefit the Democratic Party establishment to embrace and aggregate Democratic Socialist voters, and sympathetic Democrats or Independents as awakened by Bernie Sanders, and revel in the country's true character, values, as well as the trends in overall electorate sentiment they represent.

This is the Democratic Agenda. These are definitive, progressive issues and the measure by which the greater proportion of the country supports them:

Same Sex Marriage 61%
(Some state candidates would legislate this back to exclusion)

Undocumented Immigrant Support 59%
support and acknowledgement that undocumented workers are an essential workforce so many industries depend on, and that Dreamers are productive members of society. Dreamers are fully American in every sense except a certificate that officially agrees.

Non-criminal undocumented immigrant path to stay 74%
Why would those who pose no threat yet are productive, often essential members of society be persecuted? Racist elitists kindly Butt TF Out and Shut TF Up.

Build the wall 34% total support.
Why is nonsense still being talked about?

Legalize Marijuana 58%
The War on Drugs was and remains a racist, Republican cudgel to control their opposition. MJ poses less public health concern than alcohol or tobacco and has major medical and therapeutic applications denied millions with medical complaints. MJ significantly reduces the addiction and overdose affects of the opioid crisis. Portugal reversed this nonsense almost a score years ago, saves many millions annually on arrests, prosecution, incarceration, productivity loss due to addiction, applying the savings to treatment, prevention, general healthcare, infrastructure and education. Left Coast and other states with medical and recreational MJ available collect many millions annually in tax revenue. And, it's cutting significantly into foreign drug cartels' grip on American markets.

Obamacare is good or doesn't go far enough 58%
Why don't the Republican talking points used to vilify the ACA identify the portion of voters who oppose the law because it doesn't go far enough, isn't liberal enough, or isn't single payer they claim support their antipathy for this signature legislation championed by that black guy?

Single Payer Healthcare 58%
It's only a matter of time. Embrace it. Revel in its goodness. Run on it.

Equal Pay 84%
Because it's (always and forever been) The Right Thing to do

Free (Tax supported) child care and pre-school 59%
Our investment in the future. Just like the rest of the developed world already does.

Support $12 minimum wage 66%

Support $15 minimum wage 52%
Had the minimum wage tracked productivity and the cost of living since 1980, it would now be $24/hr (or more). Instead, corporate owners, Republican think tanks and the likes of the BBB feign hardship whenever they are called out on their long held free ride and need to get responsible for a change.

Address Climate Change 64%
It's 'way long past time to get real, for crissakes.

Reduce Defence Spending 64% overall; 80% Democrats
The US spends more on defense than the next eighteen country *combined*. There are multiple failed and/or archaic defense development programs that are authorized over and again solely as employment sources for House members' constituents. That money would better be used to create actually productive jobs like retraining the traditionally coal mining population to work in much healthier alternative energy jobs like solar panel, windmill farm or even the infrastructure supply manufacture pipeline.

Abortion always legal or in most cases 56%
It's a guaranteed, Constitutionally protected right. If it's not your uterus, not your personal abortion, it's none of your business. Your invisible, magical, celestial superhero doesn't have any more say than anybody else who isn't involved in that, individual event. Theocratic option and anti-women's rights crusaders kindly Butt TF Out and Shut TF Up.

Fund Planned Parenthood 58%
Same as above.

Universal Background checks 85%
Mental Illness history restricting gun possession 79%
Federal background check Database 70%
Common Sense ain't anywhere near what it's cracked up to be. Good sense is a much better option. It's 'way long past time to get real. The Russian finance accepting, foreign funds laundering, American Terrorist Organization, armament manufacturers lobby and mouthpiece, the National Rifle Association, doesn't represent even a plurality, much less an actual majority, of Americans. I don't have data on again outlawing assault rifles, which nobody but combat zone military personnel have any business having And that includes domestic municipal and state police.

Here are a few issues for which I do not have stats. These are central to the survival of the Middle Class.

Repeal restrictions on Medicare price negotiations with Big Pharma
Medicare and the individual states' auxillary medical plans have HUGE negotiating powere that is arbitrarily prohibited by laws passed at the behest and benefit of pharmicutical manufacturers. Enough of their free ride on the backs of the sick and vulnerable.
Outlaw employer mandated labor dispute arbitration. Restore employee class action suits. Make arbitration an employee opt-in issue at the time labor action is brought, prohibiting arbitration as an term of employment.

What oligarchy coddling bullshit. For the last fifty years, employers, the so-called job makers, have usurped the productivity gains and the massive profits generated by labor. leaving behind a legacy of stagnant wages and less-than subsistance renumeration. Repeated and ever increasing tax breaks and subsidies have robbed the middle class of its very existence. Reverse the tide. Make American Labor great again.

Back in the 60s and 70s, there were PSAs from the President's Council on Fitness, The Peace Corps and, especially, Stay In School and Go To College for America's future announcements. What happened to those? Every other developed country pays for their citizens' higher educations. Some even pay students a stipend to attend college. Why are Americans saddled with life-long student loan debt that profits banks? Free college for all. Or, at least offer students government funded, interest free loans like the Fed essentially gave to too-big-to-fail banks and individual billionaires after the financial failure of 2008.

These, and other heretofore uncounted issues, are what America is all about. Stand up, declare these values loudly and clearly. With these issues, city, county, state and Federal counsels, boards, agencies, legislatures and administrators can take this country back from the Right Wing.

If only we can get all the people represented here out to vote on each election day. One's failure to vote doesn't hurt only that non-voter, but it hurts me and every person, whether citizen or not, on American soil you'll never even meet.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Deep Thoughts in Moments of Repose or Despair

Repurposed from Facebook
1Q 2018

1. It's occured to me that President Swamp may have stumbled into being a traitor. He really is dumb enough to not be aware that blind faith and unquestioning loyalty can still get you in trouble. Truth is, he surrounds himself with equally limited incompetents, in over their heads, making it up as they go along. He and his are ever unaware there are cause and effect consequences to every move -- thought, word, deed -- in world class initiatives. This is what comes from engaging in that about which one knows nothing, and in not caring to forearm to meet unexpected results to one's deeds. His ignorance may be bliss -- as it may be for his supporters/voters/apologist -- but it's coming to bite us all in the ass.

2. The breathtaking nature of what has been vaguely veiled blasting into the open through a whisper in open Federal court is astounding. The revelation of Sean Hannity as Michael Cohen's secret client lays bare the bias, duplicity and bald faced hypocrisy of that which is misnamed Fox News. In the very screed in which Hannity decried the death of attorney/client privilege over Cohen's office, home, hotel and safe deposit raid, he declared that he shall forever be truthful, and his channel fair and balanced. Hannity's hyperbole is never truthful, and has certainly not been fair nor in any manner balanced. The whole affair is not only cringe worthy, ridicule worthy, but is an embarrassment as part of the American tableu's fabric.

3. The only way groups like the NRA and the Tea Parties have persevered is because they never shut up and they never back down. The astounding inclusiveness and overarching diversity of the ReGenerartion's March for Our Lives and #NeverAgain movement stand to break the stranglehold of division politics, conservative racism (not all conservatives are racists, but all racists are conservative) and the toxic, angry old white male patriarchy embraced by Republican politics.

4. The RNC justifies Conor Lamb's success over Republican candidate Rick Saccone "because he's cute." Dear myopic RNC: The kind of ugly candidate Rick Saccone exhibits -- exactly as with the president with whom he aligned himself and emulates -- hasn't anything to do with his looks.
But, yeah, Conor Lamb is a right looker. Politics is show business for ugly people.

Just as he did for Swiftboating and birtherism, profligate contributor to the likes of WorldNutzDaily Jerome Corsi is manufacturing the argument that an absurd, non-existent, secret "deep state" was created specifically to unthrone Trump in defense of Meuller's impending charges, impeachment, removal and criminal indictment.

6. Facebook charged the Trump campaign 1/100th the fee for the more outrageous, click-bait mongering ads than they charged the Clinton campaign's comparatively boring ads. Facebook claims it's the algorithm's psychometric analysis and not an individual or group of actual humans who made the calls. Humans would have been acting illegally. But, says Facebook, you can't blame a mindless computer program.
Somebody designed the algorithm. Somebody approved the use and application of the algorithm. Somebody programmed it, tested it and debugged it. A whole lot of people monitored its use and effect every hour of every day as it hummed along.
The Trump campaign paid Brad Parscale’s company ~$93M for the online and social media portions of the 2016 campaign. Minus commissions, that's about $70M in ads which would have cost the Clinton campaign $7 Billion dollars for equal efficacy. Facebook's profligate, impetuous avarice for profit did more damage to the American electoral process and the security of American democracy than Russia's Internet Research Agency's $10K divisive campaign. This didn't happen by accident nor did it happen unnoticed as it progressed any more than ads paid for in rubles did. Nothing, simply, was done about these circumstances. For profit.

7. Three hundred and six billion dollars in damage in 2017 caused by climate change disasters in the United States. Never mind world wide. How many billions of profit was had by the petrochemical companies who knew about the dangers and effects of climate change for the last fifty years, denied the existence of Global Warming, and lied about any reference to Climate Change to protect their bottom lines. These are the untold subsidies we among the public remain to pay for corporate America to plunder the strengths and resources of our country and the world.

8. Douglas High School Students of Parkland, Florida are exactly why the Republican party has been trying to eliminate public education in America since Nixon, through Reagan and the two Bushes and into Trump Administration's toady DeVos. The students don't limit their voices to politically correct rhetoric or feign respect to undeserving political so-called leaders. They call BS where BS lives.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What It Means To Be American And How That Affects The American Dream

Polls are open today in the primary election of candidates for the Senate seat vacated by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III's investiture to Attorney General of the United States and the temporary replacement by former Alabama Attorney General and current incumbent, Senator Luther Strange. Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, twice removed from that office for cause of refusal to honor Supreme Court of the United States rulings is projected front runner in that race. Every Republican candidate promises to out-Trump the others in their support of the President. Every one among them have extensive records of prejudice, bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, pro-oligarchy, anti-middle class, anti-impoverished American citizen sentiments and policies.
The Constitution of the United States unequivocally, as the supreme law of the land, defines the nation and the parameters of what America is and what America is all about. While the Declaration of Independence advanced the motivation behind the formation of the independent government and the society which it ultimately espoused, it is the Constitution which is actual law and is both definitive and dispositive of whom, what, and how the country exists. Nowhere in the document is there anything about a deity or a supreme, superior or preeminent group over any others. In stark contrast, The Constitution of the United States specifically cites universal equality and equal protection under the law among a host of other guarantees for not only each and every citizen, but each and every person who sets foot on American soil and falls under the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States. The United States is about the equality among all participants in the melting pot of immigrants, new arrivals, the indigenous, aboriginal and all others who gather within its bounds. Any diversion, deviation, exclusion among the Constitution's designations of what America is about is simply anti-constitutional, unpatriotic and unAmerican by actual definition.
Bigotry of any type is not patriotism. Bigotry is antisocial dysfunction and the opposite of patriotic. Period.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

20-20 Hindsight

The big flaw in this election's results is that the disaffected, almost-half of the electorate who is sending Trump in the Oval Office also returned the very same Congress that has worked to thwart, counter, prevent and reject every single progressive initiative of the past six years that have exactly precisely and with surgical precision addressed every single -- without exception -- issue which has turned the disaffected almost-half electorate against the establishment. The problem is not an unresponsive government. The problem is a recalcitrant, divided, internecine-warring Republican party, half of which is batshit crazy, government-is-the-problem delusional. The other half is merely racist-against-the-black-Kenyan-post-colonial-Marxist-Communist-socialist-weak,-fascist-tyrannical President, neo-liberal oligarchs. The message, instead of how bad Trump is, would better have been: "This is what the Republican Leadership has stood in the way of accomplishment -- and list every single intervention they staged -- So, give us a Congress we can work with. Vote Democratic." And, that remains the only solution to the problem we face. Only then can we address return of the Fairness Doctrine, Glass-Steagall, Equal pay, women;s health, corporate personhood, corporate welfare, corporate subsidy, corporate loopholes, lobbying, campaign finance, Citizens United, Voting Rights, gerrymandering, etc, etc, etc.

Let me put it another way: Out of the frying pan...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Republican Party Is Not Your Friend

The (dis)loyal opposition party has been over since George W dispensed with plausible deniability with his overt overreach in applying all their eco and poli policies at full bore without any wiggle room, cover or fallback. Without any place to hide, they resorted to The Tea Party as the latest rebranding of the Fringe Faction among their numbers. You know, their base. The former Know Nothings and direct descendents, both ideologically and genetically, of the John Birch Society.

They first gave us Voodoo Economics which they combined with rampant, pro-oligarchy deregulation which only blew up the world economy.  In response, they really thought The Tea Party was a good idea. And, then, they gave us Donald Trump. Out of the frying pan. And, everybody out of the pool!

Eight years of Congressional obstruction posing as forward looking opposition policy is indicative of the terminal nature their grasping at straws actually is. Just how long did they think things could possibly last applying the quarterly report method to chronic, real world, life-and-death issues?

Email. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

End Of An Eon

I'm a retired, fat, long haired, Mexican, socialist, atheist faggot living in poverty. Considering all the heartache and actual prejudice to outright persecution I have personally experienced, not to mention the countless millions subject to the cruelty promoted by the avarice, subterfuge and fraud from that party's operations, agents, supporters and constituents for decades, I can't actually associate my euphoria at the apparent breakdown of that house built on foundations of sand with schadenfreude. It's too well deserved to be unfortunate for any reason, on any level, from any point of view. They've been so awful, intentionally and horribly mean and cruel fo so very long, it's almost too good to hope that the wicked witch may actually be dead.

Monday, September 5, 2016

This is a comment I posted to a pundit roundup in The Daily Kos.

Reality neither knows nor exhibits any kind of bias. [What we see in contemporary Main Stream Media roportage] is [the result of] almost forty years of Republican smear campaigns labelling “liberal” as pejorative that has likewise falsely painted reality as having a liberal bias. There is no such thing as a liberal media by virtue of the fact that ALL main stream media is corporate owned. And, those corporate overlords have a vested interest in controlling the narrative. That’s why we always served a (pathetic) horse race electoral competition even when one of the candidates is an unworthy, sociopathic fraud without even a scant clue about creating policy. It has rendered factually reporting Republican avarice and subterfuge as somehow flawed and (absurdly) unbalanced. (attn: fact and fiction do not carry the same weight. Creating an argument by pitting reality and make believe against each other does not render any kind of balance whatsoever nor reveal any manner of truth. Nor does it have a chance of solving anything.) It’s the well funded (vast, right-wing conspiracy) propaganda machine working as intended.  The lily-livered fourth estate dutifully folds to the pressure due to being owned by the very oligarchs who cannot be reported accurately  read: not allowed to be reported upon without actual bias.