Thursday, November 10, 2016

20-20 Hindsight

The big flaw in this election's results is that the disaffected, almost-half of the electorate who is sending Trump in the Oval Office also returned the very same Congress that has worked to thwart, counter, prevent and reject every single progressive initiative of the past six years that have exactly precisely and with surgical precision addressed every single -- without exception -- issue which has turned the disaffected almost-half electorate against the establishment. The problem is not an unresponsive government. The problem is a recalcitrant, divided, internecine-warring Republican party, half of which is batshit crazy, government-is-the-problem delusional. The other half is merely racist-against-the-black-Kenyan-post-colonial-Marxist-Communist-socialist-weak,-fascist-tyrannical President, neo-liberal oligarchs. The message, instead of how bad Trump is, would better have been: "This is what the Republican Leadership has stood in the way of accomplishment -- and list every single intervention they staged -- So, give us a Congress we can work with. Vote Democratic." And, that remains the only solution to the problem we face. Only then can we address return of the Fairness Doctrine, Glass-Steagall, Equal pay, women;s health, corporate personhood, corporate welfare, corporate subsidy, corporate loopholes, lobbying, campaign finance, Citizens United, Voting Rights, gerrymandering, etc, etc, etc.

Let me put it another way: Out of the frying pan...