Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Letter to Nancy Pelosi re: Rep. Anthony Weiner

As a San Francisco voter, Nancy Pelosi, California 8th Congressional District, is my representative and I have proudly voted for her every time I've had the opportunity. So, when I read even she was calling for Rep. Weiner's resignation, I just had to speak up. Here is the message I sent her, cc:Anthony Weiner.

Madam Leader:

Even suggesting Rep. Weiner step down is absurd. This story has legs only because the House Leadership hasn't stood up and LEAD the nation's understanding in the difference between fantasy and reality. Neither you nor any other leadership Democrat has defined for those assumed to be the great undiscerning public the difference between desire and action. Not one single person who has engaged in any manner of online networking flirtation is above Anthony Weiner. The bottom line is that he flirted and THAT's ALL she wrote. Pandering to your opposition's faux outrage unequivocally surrenders the power of your constituents to those who never received a single California vote. Take the power back, draw the lines in the sand with definitions and opportunities for understanding, and tell those small minded hypocrites to shut the hell up. The only reason Democrats so often get our heads handed to us is because we let small minded regressives define every issue against us. Stop putting up with that and call out their duplicity and small mindedness in no uncertain terms. It's the wishy-washy, politically correct attempts at diplomatically walking eggshells around issues that's so destructive. Give 'em hell. Call a spade a spade and a magical thinking delusion out for the dysfunction it is. Instead of speaking down to the public, require that they think enough to understand you. Raise the bar or it'll never get better. Never, EVER, get better.

From the early 90's through the year 2000, I was involved in and eventually hosted and owned an internationally syndicated talk radio program about computers and technology. At various stages, as I rose in the ranks of the broadcast production hierarchy, I was pressured to change the format and dumb down the content of the show. I steadfastly refused and never lost listeners and steadily built a following primarily because I didn't underestimate my audience's intelligence and drive to understand the show's technical content.

Our country's political survival is the same thing. But for the rabidly regressive, well heeled, corporate lacky, perennially uninformed or willfully obtuse minority, the vast majority of Americans want better than the third grade reading level pablum universally offered. You're never going to get the support of the uneducated, willfully ignorant regressive ideologue. Stop talking to them at all. Instead address those who are better than the ditto heads and falsely fair-and-balanced. Talk to the American public as if you were talking with your bright (formerly) adolescent children. Reason with them as you would smart relatives -- Americans, indeed, throughout our country ARE your relatives -- instead of as if to cognitively challenged pre-adolescents. You'll never beat the Boehners and Cantors, Becks, Palins, Bachmans and Bushes of the world if you don't. Just say no to ignorance. Never respond timidly to absurdities or magical thinking, unsubstantiated assertion or lies contrary to fact and reason. Call them out, chapter and verse, at every opportunity and never, ever, apologize for fact and reality.

Support Rep. Weiner's constitutents who would reelect him today by 54% majority. You owe all Americans, and especially New Yourk's 9th Congressional District at least that much.

With warmest regards,
Nathan Garcia