Monday, April 12, 2010

The Real Threat to America

Healthcare reform is now the law of the land. But, it almost didn’t happen because of special interest and right wing dirty tricks which are but the latest of a long litany of such underhanded dealings shovelled onto the playing field by forces doing ugly, immoral, unethical things to keep the American public frightened, uninformed and confused enough to actually work and vote against their better interests. 

 These dirty tricks are directly related, by virtue of being arranged and executed by the same or associated cadres of corporate and political operatives who would undermine the American public and even the American Constitution for personal, corporate and political gain. There is ample, credible, scholarly evidence accumulated over time but ignored by the mainstream press, due in part from pressure from the very big money interests who are perpetrating these anti-middle class acts and, incidentally, spend a lot in advertising which keeps the American press afloat. Even the good guys help undermine the political process, mostly for altruistic reasons. A case in point is Jimmy Carter’s cancellation of an investigation into Republican (read: Reagan presidential campaign) contact with Iran about holding off the release of the hostages until the very moment of Reagan’s inauguration. How about voter fraud and ballot tampering in Florida in 2000 (nd the USSC complicity)? What can be made of the corporate sponsored, so called grassroots protests against Healthcare Reform and their ridiculously inaccurate characterizations of the proposals and effects? What of the right wing media, especially the foreign owned Fox News, feigning innocence as they concertedly foment violence, sedition and revolution among the radical right fringe? They target the duly elected President (as opposed to the trickery that brought in their favourite son, Bush, in 2000), senators and congressmen, and everyday citizens who speak out, as if there were something wrong with our system if only because the welfare of the common citizen is being forwarded instead of that of corporate factions.

When is it too much to bear? When does it become unequivocally clear that these forces will not be stopped until they are exposed to the light of day? When is there enough evidence to convince the newsgathering powers-that-be that silence on these matters is undermining the spirit and the letter of the Constitution as painstakingly developed by the Founding Fathers?

Whom among the American Press and the United States Congress will take a stand to expose these REAL threats to liberty, justice, truth in politics, and quite literally, the American way? Please, editor(s), assemble all the exposed edges and reveal this scandal for the travesty that it is. Members of Congress, convene appropriate investigations in each committee appropriate to the committee’s purview. There’s plenty to go around and enough to occupy everyone. Why let them continue getting away with the very stuff ov which they claim their opposition is guilty? 

 If not now, when? If not US, who?