Saturday, November 27, 2010

Buttinsky Abuse of Freedoms Guaranteed

Religious delusion is no excuse to attempt micromanagement of others' lives. The plain and simple fact is that reproduction is nobody's business but the actual people involved. It is not the place of government, neighbors, relatives, strangers, magical entities, pseudo-sacrosanct representatives of bronze age scriptural boogiemen or made up sky gods to dictate any facet of another's life.

There are more than one guarantee in the Constitution that safeguard an individual’s privacy and selfsame sovereignty regarding such issues. Roe v. Wade was decided on the right to privacy, and guarantees individual protection against government intrusion into the workings and control of one’s own body. Use of the referendum ballot, or voting in anti-freedom ideologues and empowering codependent officials who can stack the courts in favor of curtailing established rights is dangerous, un-American, and unpatriotic. It undermines the integrity of the Constitution that those who would curtail innocent, law abiding citizens’ rights rail so loudly and disingenuously to defend.

The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause dictates that there shall be no religion based laws conferring preference, under the law, for one religion over another. That is a two edged sword. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that this means that no religion or religious precept, however popular, is grounds to limit the behavior of any citizen or inhabitant under the jurisdiction of the United States Constitution. Limiting any citizen’s choices of procreation, family planning (specifically contraception and abortion), life partner, sexual orientation, as well as myriad other freedoms and liberties under the guise of religiously motivated morality are misguided and weaken the Constitution.

The Fourteenth Amendment also guarantees equal protection under the law. That means that no citizen can be treated differently than any other, which includes association, privacy, and the intimate life choices enjoyed (and taken for granted) by popular fiat and Constitutional protection by the majority of Americans may not be abridged. They may not be curtailed, truncated, or made conditional. 

Anti-abortion laws and causes are un-Constitutional, un-American, and unpatriotic. 

Anti-same sex marriage sentiments and activities are un-Constitutional, un-American, and unpatriotic.

Anti-undocumented worker activity are anti-Constitutional, un-American, and unpatriotic.

The rights bestowed upon one's religion end at the tip of one's own nose. Stop making stuff up to justify abuse of your freedoms and license to infringe others' rights. Get over it and butt out where your nose doesn't belong.