Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Republican Party Is Not Your Friend

The (dis)loyal opposition party has been over since George W dispensed with plausible deniability with his overt overreach in applying all their eco and poli policies at full bore without any wiggle room, cover or fallback. Without any place to hide, they resorted to The Tea Party as the latest rebranding of the Fringe Faction among their numbers. You know, their base. The former Know Nothings and direct descendents, both ideologically and genetically, of the John Birch Society.

They first gave us Voodoo Economics which they combined with rampant, pro-oligarchy deregulation which only blew up the world economy.  In response, they really thought The Tea Party was a good idea. And, then, they gave us Donald Trump. Out of the frying pan. And, everybody out of the pool!

Eight years of Congressional obstruction posing as forward looking opposition policy is indicative of the terminal nature their grasping at straws actually is. Just how long did they think things could possibly last applying the quarterly report method to chronic, real world, life-and-death issues?

Email. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

End Of An Eon

I'm a retired, fat, long haired, Mexican, socialist, atheist faggot living in poverty. Considering all the heartache and actual prejudice to outright persecution I have personally experienced, not to mention the countless millions subject to the cruelty promoted by the avarice, subterfuge and fraud from that party's operations, agents, supporters and constituents for decades, I can't actually associate my euphoria at the apparent breakdown of that house built on foundations of sand with schadenfreude. It's too well deserved to be unfortunate for any reason, on any level, from any point of view. They've been so awful, intentionally and horribly mean and cruel fo so very long, it's almost too good to hope that the wicked witch may actually be dead.