Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Re: Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl Message

Karl Rove is offended by honest, non-partisan analyses of recent events. So, effin' what? There is no guarantee anyplace against being offended. And, if there were, how many claims of offense could be lodged against Rove for his duplicity and crimes against reason, not to mention all the policies of which he was at least partially responsible in George W's election campaigns and White House? What a sniveling little prick.
Here's what's really going on: Conservatives, Republicans of all stripe and especially Neo-Cons, are sore losers who are indisposed to consider facts and logic but consider opinions and conviction of equal validity (just like their religion) as reality. Their entire philosophy has been soundly proven false and unworkable by undeniable, real world events. In their denial over everything they stand for being wrong, they insist everybody enable their delusion and play along as if they even have a workable point about anything. Karl Rove is just whining at being reminded in an open, First Amendment protected marketplace (the same place than enabled him to deceive the entire electorate time and again, issue after issue, year after year) that his life has been a complete scam, profitability notwithstanding. He doesn't want anybody being reminded so: Heaven forbid anybody get the right idea."

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