Monday, September 5, 2016

This is a comment I posted to a pundit roundup in The Daily Kos.

Reality neither knows nor exhibits any kind of bias. [What we see in contemporary Main Stream Media roportage] is [the result of] almost forty years of Republican smear campaigns labelling “liberal” as pejorative that has likewise falsely painted reality as having a liberal bias. There is no such thing as a liberal media by virtue of the fact that ALL main stream media is corporate owned. And, those corporate overlords have a vested interest in controlling the narrative. That’s why we always served a (pathetic) horse race electoral competition even when one of the candidates is an unworthy, sociopathic fraud without even a scant clue about creating policy. It has rendered factually reporting Republican avarice and subterfuge as somehow flawed and (absurdly) unbalanced. (attn: fact and fiction do not carry the same weight. Creating an argument by pitting reality and make believe against each other does not render any kind of balance whatsoever nor reveal any manner of truth. Nor does it have a chance of solving anything.) It’s the well funded (vast, right-wing conspiracy) propaganda machine working as intended.  The lily-livered fourth estate dutifully folds to the pressure due to being owned by the very oligarchs who cannot be reported accurately  read: not allowed to be reported upon without actual bias.

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