Sunday, November 13, 2011

Immigration Troubles

Immigration policy today is arbitrary, cold and perniciously cruel, never mind antithetical to original American character. What about the push to Christianize the country also created the we-versus-they need to turn our collective back on decency, humility and humane inclusion. Not charity, just plain equality. extending to everybody a strictly fair chance to achieve everything you take for granted? Immigrants overwhelmingly overcome cold hearted obstacles to normalize their being here to work and pay taxes for which they never, ever, receive any benefits. Yet, hateful people keep making up excuses to hate them, exclude them, make them different or somehow undeserving. Such ugliness is at the root of all the problems, financial, social, cultural and everything else. Being brought up in a predominantly religious environment makes people think they have some magical entitlement and that everything will somehow be magically okay if they are pure of heart, and then make up all kinds of crap to realign the world to reflect a magical purity of heart. Noble it is not. Immature and dysfunctional from the get go.

There are literally none among us who do not have ancestors who arrived among us without asking permission first. Nobody should have to. Everybody must be given a fair and even chance that made it possible for each and every citizen to be here now.

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