Monday, November 7, 2011

Increases In The National Debt

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with the following comments, to which I responded...

P**** B*** The facts poke holes in all the Republican arguments. Republican policies created most of the debt. Republican policies gave us wars that are eating us alive. Republican deregulation gave us the financial crisis. The stock market and economy perform many times better under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents. Pick that stat, the facts show Republicans have all these issues wrong.

J*** S***** M******* Still does not absolve the Dems as they were just as responsible for the Debt in Repub parties drank the Kool-Aid and can-kicked this to the next gen. Both have to solve now the medium/long-term trend and meet in the middle to synch the fiscal disconnects. Tsunami approaches...Times up!

David S**** M****** As a conservative republican, can I please say let's all stop the name calling? The problem with this nation is not democrat or republican, it's the fact that for the last 40 years the people on the left have been moving to the extreme left and the people on the right have been moving to the extreme right. How can we ever solve the problems we face when we are so greatly divided? We need to meet in the middle and work together. There will always be issues that we are greatly divided on, but we're letting those issues cause a stalemate on all the others. All the nasty comments you've made about conservatives does not help. All the nasty comments conservatives have made about ya'll do not help. If we don't have each other's back then we will never survive. Yes, we should debate the issues and present our cases, but let us not get bitter and close ourselves off to one another, instead let us HEAR each other and UNDERSTAND each other and find some common ground. Is that really too much to ask? After all, it is our children who will have to suffer/benefit from the decisions we make, not us.

David S**** M****** granted I am reconsidering the whole conservative republican thing. i'm too conservative for the liberals and too liberal for the conservatives. I'm a Christian first and foremost. God gave me this life and it is a precious gift. He gave me forgivness, for which I could never be worthy. He gave me this planet for which he instructed me to take care of it. I believe we should recycle and if we can find clean, renewable energy then let us use it and make it affordable. Let us clean up pollution. I do not support abortion unless the mother's life is in imminent danger. I do not support wealth redistribution, I believe in working for your wages, though I do believe in fair wages for fair labor, not union wages and not sweatshop wages. Where does this put me? I'm sure neither liberals or conservatives want to claim me, but that suits me just fine. I just try to stand up for what is right and what I believe in.

Phil N****** If your entire political standpoint is based on statements like "I'm Christian, God is good, etc, etc", I've got some news for you: God isn't paying our bills. If you REALLY and TRULY want religion to be part of our government, then let's start taxing the churches. Then I would have less of a problem with religious politics. However, and thankfully, there is SUPPOSED to be a separation of church and State.

David S**** M****** phil, that is not my entire political stance, though my faith certainly does drive many of my beliefs. The church does have a place in govt because many of us are religious, however, we do need a degree of seperation to ensure we don't have a situation like England had with the Church of England having the political control or even Islamic Caliphate like in some Middle East countries. I'm mindful that we're not all religious and that indeed everyone needs to be taken into account in our laws. I was just trying to be honest about where I'm coming from in my statements I make on here.

D****** M**P****** Faith has NO place in government. Unless it is MY faith. It is hard to pick WHOSE faith we are going to use.

W**** A*******-S****** David, unfortunately some of the christian faith have highjacked our government with greed and inequality on the agenda but with god on their lips. There have been many high profile "christians" over the years who have vowed openly to turn the US "back" into a xian nation and that should be cause for great alarm. It's wonderful that you have strong beliefs but please speak with your brothers and sisters who are intent on making America a theocracy and let them know government was kept apart from religion for very good reasons.

Nathan Garcia I cannot bring myself to trust the judgement and ability to discern among those who believe in magic or that supernatural means are appropriate for problem solving. The entire premise is wishful thinking and patently absurd. Republicans rely on people who can't tell the difference between conviction and fact and who substitute opinion for reality. Religion is not reality and basing ones life decisions on such superstition is doomed to fail. Nothing in anybody's freedom of religion compells me to behave as if I believe as they do. Nothing in religious tolerance compells me to enable religious delusion. The entire Republican set of policies is false, counter-reality and tries to undo the inevitable: organisms and society evolve toward survival. Republican traditions, ideals and "values" are archaic, anachronistic and have consistently failed to help the whole society succeed. Pick any era, pick any group, and it's all the same: conservatism is regressive, harmful and self destructive. You may not require me to contribute to or infect me with your destruction.

Nathan Garcia What name calling? Describing observable, documented and empirically verifyable events is not name calling or pejorative in any sense. Such mischaracterization is exactly what causes the kind of cognitive dissonance that muddies the waters of discourse so thoroughly that intelligible, honest exchanges are impossible. While the right have been climbing over themselves to become more extreme, the left has moved in the same direction though not as outrageously far. Anything contrary to extreme regressive narratives are falsely labelled extreme when they are merely reality based. The right goes so far as to disparge basing observations on reality as if it were questionable, a bad thing. That is the nature of conservative absurdity. Make up whatever manipulation you choose, and every disagreement is evil, insulting, disparging, intolerant. I'm so sick and tired of these tedious false equivalencies. Example: ID is not science and does not deserve equal time in a scientific forum. Another example: A 48 hour old human fetal blastocyst is not a human being, does not possess any of the faculties that constitute a viable human being, including the mythical soul. Third example: self awareness is not that mythical soul, and a fetus isn't self aware. Hell, infants aren't even self aware for the first year and more of their life.

All these delusions, logical fallacies and failures of the recognition of reality are connected, feed on each other, and contribute to the overall dysfunction of families, communities, society at large, the private sector and government. If you can't find hold-in-your-hand proof behind an idea, it just doesn't work in the real world. Reality is that stuff which, when you stop believing in it, refuses to go away. How much of religion and conservative dogma would exist were it no longer pushed as if real? Pert' near none, I reckon.

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