Saturday, June 11, 2016

On Bernie Supporters Denying Their Vote to Clinton

This is my response to a die hard Bernie Sanders supporter who refuses to sully her values and principles by plying her vote on the female candidate whom she loathes as anathema to her values, whatever the futz that means.

The issue here is the difference between the 10.5million voters who cast in the Senator's favor compared to the 13.5 million voters who supported the Secretary. Stubbornly affording any measure of support, relief or succor, even if by passive aggressive behavior, to an adversary of the very values you hold dear undermines your claims of those values' support. The power of 13.5 million voters is stronger than the power of 10.5 million voters. The power of 24 million voters, combining all Democratic voters in protection of our country, is more powerful yet. The question, then, is whether you wish to do whatever necessary to ensure the oligarchy and the right wing nutjob crazies are contained. (Sure, Sanders would contain the Oligarchy much more forcefully than Hillary. But HRC is malleable and responsive to the pressures constituents bring to bear. One's responsibility to press elected officials is not limited to or end on election day.) Would you really rather wage a ultimately inefective, secret ballot, ego motivated, Molotov cocktail that does nothing to ensure your values are protected in any measure? How responsible to yourself and posterity is that?

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