Monday, June 20, 2016

Republicans all over the South are denouncing and leaving the GOP, citing not only Donald Trump's elevation to de facto leader and presumptive Presidential Candidate of the Republican party, but also things like local state Legislatures' obsession with discrimination and persecution of LGBT citizens. They are removing their membership from the strength in numbers count their former organization uses to perpetuate calls to popularity justifications for their anti-social policies.

Likewise, any religionist or faithful believer who disagrees with religious "leaders'" pronouncements would best remove their membership from rolls of any institution who vilifies innocents and promotes attitudes, beliefs and policies that discriminate against LGBT people, women, minorities of any kind, "opposition" faiths and belief systems lest such member be complicit to leadership atrocities by virtue of omission rather than commission. Christians of every denomination, society and gathering: Just say no, and vote with your feet.

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